Natural Hair Color


100 G / 3.5 OZ
start with
Detox Mask
140-176° F
30-60 minutes
to process
  • use khadi color primer to go from very light (especially gray) to dark hair
  • colors your hair a strawberry blonde to intense copper base color
  • the base color coat helps you to achieve your desired color result
  • only use in combination with shades, where khadi Color Prep is recommended
  • 100% natural, vegan and free of synthetic ingredients

Every hair color is naturally unique – and so are khadi Natural Hair Colors. khadi Color Prep pre-treatment is the ideal primer if you want to go from very light to dark hair. Find out if you need khadi Color Prep in the khadi Color Chart.

When do you use it?

From Very Light to Dark

khadi Color Prep forms an optimal primer for the color change from very light to a darker shade. It will deposit a strawberry blonde to intense copper base color on your hair making the transition easier. Use Color Prep before you color with your desired shade. Simply mix the color powder with water that is 176° F and leave on your hair for 60 minutes for an intense base color.

Bleach & Highlights

khadi Color Prep prepares your bleached, dry, or porous hair for further coloring by adding blonde and copper pigments. Use Color Prep before you color with your desired shade. Simply mix the color powder with water that is 140° F and leave on your hair for 30 minutes.

Chemical Coloring / Gray Roots

Do you have gray roots? khadi Color Prep will deposit a strawberry blonde to intense copper base color on your gray roots, preparing them for further coloring with your desired khadi shade. This step is great for you, if you want to color with a darker khadi shade and achieve optimal gray coverage on your roots. Simply mix with water that is 176° F and leave on your roots for 60 minutes

Find out if you need khadi Color Prep in the color chart:

Find Your Color

khadi Natural Hair Color dyes with the power of finely ground plants. Color pigments bind to the hair cuticles and adhere to the outside of the hair shaft – creating a nourishing glaze that protects and revitalizes.

All khadi Hair Colors are 100% natural, vegan, free from synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives.  

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Cassia auriculata leaf powder (Senna), Lawsonia inermis leaf powder (Henna), Ziziphusjujuba leaf powder (Sidr), Ziziphus spinachristileaf powder (Zizisphus)

How To Use

The ritual of applying khadi Natural Hair Color is a century-old, Ayurvedic practice to naturally color and strengthen hair.

The finely ground plant powder is mixed with warm water to form a naturally creamy paste. This potent color cream is then applied to freshly washed hair. After allowing the hair dye to soak in, the color cream is washed out with water only. The color result is immediately visible, but intensifies over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Learn in detail how to apply your khadi Natural Hair Color here

Learn More  Download Full Instructions

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    It helps!

    It helps to prep your hair.

    United States United States
    khadi Natural Cosmetics

    Hi there, Color Prep is made for all individuals who are going from very light hair to a darker shade, those who have bleached and highlighted hair, or if you have gray roots/hair that needs gray coverage. Happy to hear Color Prep helped you address all your concerns prior to coloring with your favorite khadi Natural Hair Color shade! Warm Regards, khadi Color Crew Team

    Great product and truly preps the hair for expected color.

    I tried color prep before using black and it worked perfectly great as expected. Love it.

    Chethna B.
    United States United States
    khadi Natural Cosmetics

    Hi Chethna, Color Prep does exactly that, it prepares the hair for khadi Natural Hair Color shades. Happy you utilized Color Prep prior to coloring with your preferred khadi Natural Hair Color shade. Color Prep provides excellent coverage to achieve the very best color results! Warmest Regards, khadi Color Crew Team

    Works so well!

    I’m use to henna color that fades so quickly and destroys pillow cases and shirts. Khadi doesn’t bleed after the first rinse. And my hair feels so healthy! Love it!

    Atir S.
    United States United States
    khadi Natural Cosmetics

    Hi Atir, Thank you for taking the time to share your personal experience with Color Prep. Thrilled to hear your loving the vibrant color results, healthy hair and that your pillowcases are still intact. All very important things! Warmest Regards, khadi Color Crew Team

    Works as stated.

    My wife uses this as a base for mixed gray roots. It does the job well in combination with dark brown. Without color prep the brown does not take as well. It takes a couple of days to reach a stable color.

    Robert H.
    United States United States
    khadi Natural Cosmetics

    Excellent to hear that your wife is utilizing Color Prep as her first step when coloring with khadi. It really is the best way to guarantee gray coverage.


    Great coverage

    Great coverage

    It did what it should do - it covered all my white hair. I used dark brown afterwards and it looks great! I will probably dye a second time in a few weeks to intensify the result, but I am super happy with my results so far! Finally, a healthy way to deal with my white hair. The only thing I don't like is how long it takes. But for me, it's totally worth it. I no longer want to use chemicals on my hair.