Before you begin your color journey, get to know khadi Natural Hair Color.

1. khadi is natural

khadi is 100% plant-based, vegan hair color that is actually good for your hair! khadi combines Ayurvedic herbs, roots and leaves for a potent color effect.

2. khadi is healthy

Chemical colors penetrate and damage your hair, but khadi Natural Hair Colors coat your hair strands in pure plant pigments, adding strength and shine every time you color.

3. khadi does not lighten

khadi Natural Hair Color does not lighten your hair. It can dye your hair the same color it is now while covering up grays, or dye it a darker shade. If you have gray hair or colored hair with light roots, you may require an extra step to prepare your hair for optimum color results.

4. khadi results are individual

Your khadi color results will depend on your starting hair color, the amount of gray in your hair, and how long you leave the product on your hair to process. Take our quiz and we’ll recommend products to optimize your color ritual.