Natural Hair Color


100 G / 3.5 OZ
may need
Color Prep
140° F
60 minutes
to process
  • colors your hair a matte, dark ash blonde
  • strengthens and nourishes your hair
  • 100% natural, vegan and free of synthetic ingredients
  • your individual color result depends on your initial hair color
  • does not lighten your hair

The secret of khadi Natural Hair Color comes from the oldest form of natural healing – Ayurveda. Valuable Indian medicinal plants are raised by small cooperatives with lots of love and are harvested only at the peak of their full potency.

khadi Natural Hair Color Dark Blonde colors your hair a unique, matte, dark ash blonde – without lightening your hair. khadi Natural Hair Color doesn’t strip your hair of its natural pigment. Instead, it adds a thin layer of additional pigment. For this reason, khadi Natural Hair Color does not lighten your original hair color.

The color result depends on your initial hair color: Light hair becomes a light to medium ash blonde. Dark hair shines beautifully and has a healthy glow to it.

This color may require khadi Color Prep. Find out if you require color prep and explore all of your possible color results here:

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khadi Natural Hair Color dyes your hair with the power of finely ground plant-based powder. The natural color pigments it contains bind to the hair cuticle and adhere to the surface of the hair shaft – creating a nourishing color glaze that protects and revitalizes.

All hair colors by khadi are 100% natural, vegan, and free from synthetic dyes, fragrances, and preservatives.

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Indigofera tinctoria leaf powder (Indigo), Cassia auriculata leaf powder (Senna), Lawsonia inermis leaf powder (Henna), Punica granatumrind powder (Pomegranate), Uncaria gambir extract (Chinai Katha), Cesalpinia sappan wood powder (Sappan Wood), Cordia dichotoma leaf powder (Gundapatta), Jatropha curcas leaf powder (Ratanjot), Juglans nigra husk powder (Black Walnut), Quercus infectoria gall extract (Majuphal), Terminalia chebula fruit powder (Harda), Aegle marmelosrind powder (Bhel), Rheum emodi root powder (Rhubarb), Adhatoda vasica leaf powder (Adusa) ,Aloe Barbadensis leaf powder (Aloe Vera)

How To Use

The ritual of applying khadi Natural Hair Color is a century-old, Ayurvedic practice to naturally color and strengthen hair.

The finely ground plant powder is mixed with tempered water to a naturally creamy paste. This potent color cream is then applied to freshly washed hair. After allowing the hair dye to soak in, the color cream is washed out with water only. The color result is immediately visible, but intensifies over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Learn in detail how to apply your khadi Natural Hair Color here:

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